2016 New Fragrance for Women : Britney Spears Private Show Eau de Parfum

Britney Spears Private Show Eau de Parfum

American pop singer Britney Spears released a new fragrance called Private Show for women.

She told Entertainment Online that the scent mirrors her “love of dulce de leche, white florals and iced coffee, »

But lest you might be led to think this is just a sweet respite, Spears is quick to emphasize that just like her eponymous song which she is promoting at the same time, the fragrance conveys a medley of feelings that are meant to be inspirational for girls,

“Private Show is inevitably a sexy song and it promotes feeling sexy and girls feeling alive and I think that’s fun for girls,” she shares, adding, “I think the scent definitely has a combination of all those things.”

The edp has notes of iced Frappuccino, clementine, juicy nectarine, dulce de leche, orange flower, jasmine sambac, luminous amber and sensual musks.