The Body Shop Fragrance 2016 – New Collection of Vegan Fragrances Called Elixirs of Nature


The brand says,

“Discover the Elixirs of Nature fragrance that matches your wild side”

Do you like the body shop’s fragrance? Now it launched a new collection of Vegan fragrances.

The Body Shop new collection of Vegan fragrances called Elixirs of Nature whose exotic and rare names reflect the orientation of the juices: to bring seldom-smelled-before scents to the denizens of this world (usually the first world). Swietenia, Bowhanti, Widdringtonia, Kahaia and Nigritella were carefully crafted to disorient you through five smells borrowed from the five continents thanks to on-site capture with headspace technology…

The headspace apparatus offers the remarkable feature of “copying” the scent of a botanical species as it is exhaled in the air. This ensures a diffusive, fresh and airy impression of a natural scent while respecting the life of the plant.

For people who would rather buy ethical products, the packaging has been designed with recycled glass while the wooden caps come from sustainable sylvan cultures.


Swietenia – Fresh Flora is inspired by the genre of floral eaux de cologne. It showcases a rare bloom, Mahogany flower from Bangalore in India. Other notes are orange blossom and Bigarade leaves.

Bowhanti_TBS_2.jpg Bowhanti – Spicy Woods centers on the Wacapou tree from French Guyana. It is blended with “smoky and mysterious” notes of patchouli and incense.


WiddringtoniaAromatic Cedar showcases Clamwilliam cedarwood from South Africa together with vetiver and sage.


Kahaia – White Flora is a white floral bouquet composed of Kahaia (Guettarda speciosa) blooms from Bora Bora in Oceania, Arabian jasmine and benzoin. Kahaia is a relative of Tahitian Tiaré.


Nigritella – Oriental Orchid is a strange OVNI a priori. It is based on the scent of dark orchids… from the Swiss Alps, as well as tuberose and vanilla.

Available in 50 ml eaux de parfum.