Cartier’s new perfume tries to capture the scent of a lipstick

It is a mysterious and passionate perfume that hovering on the skin, after a long time it is sprayed. The new Cartier perfume was created by the perfumer Mathilde Laurent, and its idea was a bit of wild heart. Unlike its predecessor, Baiser this naughty and feminine floral fragrance has a “delicious accent accent, like a lipstick on the skin,” according to the brand.


Laurent reportedly wanted to capture the elusive smell of lipsticks which is why she had turned to the powdery and sweet orchid for her main scent ingredient, with other notes being white chocolate and vanilla. And just like all things precious, this fragrance comes in the a beautiful ruby-topped bottle that looks more like a bauble from the famed watch and jewellery house than a flaçon. A memorable and quirky fragrance, this is definitely one for those who like their scents ever so slightly off centre, but with an unmistakeable luxury spin.