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Best business bag for men: Cartier bag

December 22, 2016 mycartier 0

Louis Cartier The Louis Cartier collection is inspired by the creative, visionary genius known for his allure and a passion for travel. The elegant, almost stark collection exhibits clean lines with refined details. Each piece requires the full range of Read More

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Best fasion Bags for Her – Cartier

November 10, 2016 mycartier 0

C de Cartier is not only an eternal and elegant, and rich and colorful. French Cartier watches and jewelry manufacturers create it, in order to add a sophisticated touch your eyes. Red, blue or black: these leather bags will draw Read More

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Now C De Cartier Has A Mini-Me

March 21, 2016 mycartier 0

Vibrant, sophisticated and feminine – the original C de Cartier bag dazzled with an array of vibrant hues. And described as subtly complicated, the popular design was coveted for having some sort of a Parisian sparkle. Currently, this year sees Read More

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Now Cartier Bags Website Blocking Order

March 2, 2016 mycartier 0

What calls for special attention is that the English High Court has backed Cartier’s request to block websites that sold counterfeit versions of its merchandise. Judge Richard Hacon of the High Court sustained Cartier in its latest decision, ordering UK Read More

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Introduce Mini C De Cartier To You

February 23, 2016 mycartier 0

What calls for special attention is that Cartier has released an XS version of the C de Cartier bag this season, a baby-doll style in sharp, bright tones, set to electrify any outfit with a vibrant pop of colour. Adorable Read More

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