Introductions of Cartier Watch

Introductions  of  Cartier WatchCartier watches are synonymous with high quality, and are in fact some of the finest timepieces available. They have an intricate movement, and every watch is handmade. Cartier watches come in many styles for both men and women, including a skeleton watch, a chronograph watch, or a watch with multiple time zones. Buyers can find great deals authentic Cartier watches from a variety of Cartier collections on eBay, often at a very affordable price. Cartier watches are available on eBay brand new, gently used, and vintage, offering something for anyone who appreciates exquisite jewellery.There are some introduction of cartier watches for you.

When choosing a Cartier watch, buyers have a lot of choices. They come in several different collections for both men and women. All Cartier watches are elegant and well made, and are always part of a collection. The sections below discuss the different Cartier collections.
Ballon Bleu De Cartier Collection

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier collection is available for both men and women. Ballon Bleu watches have bright blue hands and Roman numerals instead of numbers. All watches in the collection have a sapphire cabochon winding mechanism and a guilloche dial. A guilloche dial features lathed engraving covered with a enamel, so the engraving remains visible.
Tank Cartier Collection

The Tank Cartier watch is one of the most instantly recognisable Cartier watches. The watch debuted in 1917, and is recognisable for its rectangular face. The strap of the watch blends into the watch face seamlessly. The face of the watch has Roman numerals and the date. Tank watches are available for both men and women. Some watches in the collection are chronographs, and users can choose from either a leather or steel strap.
Santos De Cartier Collection

The Santos De Cartier collection was named for the aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, who persuaded Cartier to make him a wristwatch he could wear while flying. The collection is for both men and women. The watch is square shaped, and the screws on the watch are exposed. The hands on the watch are sword shaped. The watch is self-winding, and has a faceted synthetic spinel. Buyers can choose from either a steel or leather watch strap. The case on the Santos De Cartier watch is curved slightly.
Baignoire Cartier Watch

The    is exclusively for women. The face of the watch is oval, and the strap comes in one of the following materials: alligator leather, yellow gold, or rose gold. Some of the watches in the collection feature diamonds. The watches are self-winding, and some feature a transparent back.
Tortue Cartier Watch

The Tortue watch, first made in 1912, was the first watch designed without a round face. With a design inspired by the shape of a tortoise shell, the Tortue comes in styles for both men and women. It is available with either a leather or white gold strap, and diamonds encrust its edges. The Tortue collection includes watches with the face of a tiger or a parrot on it.

How to Care for a Cartier Watch

Buyers must treat a Cartier watch with great care. For example, it can be affected by magnetic sources, such as smartphones, handbag clasps, and computers. The magnetic field can stop the watch from working. If this happens, it needs to be demagnified. Owners must also regularly clean their watch with a soft cloth. If the watch has a metal strap, they should clean the strap in water with a few drops of liquid soap to remove any dirt. Always dry the strap thoroughly afterwards with a soft towel.